Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hill Battle of the Networked Blogs II

Once again Tuesday night is a battle of the local blogs. Joe Biker from The Best Bike Blog Ever invited me for a whoopin on the hill up to Devou park in Covington. This time he dominated me, I had to quit after 7 repeats while Joe continued onto 10. I got about 2,400 feet of climbing in...

Score BBBE: 1, JRR DNF

Devou Hill Repeat Times (5/03/2011)
7:01 (Most of these Joe dominated a pulled 85% of the time)
6:54 (I took a few pulls on this one,)
8:16 (Legs got cold during a pee break and I blew up)
7:42 (better go home and recover)

Best time:
6:37 at about 15.1 avg mph (4/12/2011)

Devou is about 1.67 miles long with about 351 feet of elevation gain, mainly about 3% gradient with some 6% kickers. It's a really cool climb because you get wonderful views of downtown Cincinnati and Covington.

Another workout since my illness where I have fallen apart. I better make sure I rest, recover, get my antioxidents, get out The Stick and my foam roller,

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