Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Epic Rides

Ride to Chilo
I love this time of year. In seeking good form you throw a leg over the saddle and just ride off with very little limits on where you can go. You have a whole day to train, just take it.

In early April Bjet and I went for a long sunny ride East. We rode through Batavia to Felicity and down to the river. We hit the river around Chilo and turned home along the river where the wind became epic. I think we rode 40 miles into a strong headwind. We stopped in Point Pleasant, Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant, for a Coke and some jerkey. It was nice to visit New Richmond too, it looks like there is a cute coffee house and bookstore there. Like a little arts district. There riverfront main street could take you back in time (in your imagination of course, no DeLorean spotted).

Feel free to look fruity while sitting on a fence post.

Kentucky Therapy

Unfortunately in mid-April our adopted dog of 6 years died suddenly (but she was 13, so we should have saw it coming). Bjet and I couldn't bear to be at home, too much reminded us of our dog Button. So I made Bridget get on our bikes to try to forget about our loss.

Day 1 of our canine mourning was a drizzly ride to Lebanon. Gross. Day 2 was a beautifully sunny ride out past Covington up some scenic climbs, then crossing East to hit the epic StoneHouse road near Camp Spring (a village of all stone structures) out to Schabobole and then Mentor. We came back along Washington Trace, where some of the side roads were submerged in water from all the rain we have been getting.

To the Center of the Universe

This one wasn't so epic, but I finally got back down to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. That whole KY-20 area around Petersbug is pretty nice. It reminds me a scale-model size version of South Park, Colorado.

Every time I pass a country graveyard now I can't help but feel nostalgic for the Sub-9 Death March.

Enjoy some barbecue and play fetch with the 4-legged Mayor. Rabbit Hash is starting to gain even more popularity. Now they have a B&B, a wine cantina and a new barbecue place. When I was there a "Raise the Band Stand" music festival was going on, so there were even more booths of food and people. It was so cool I wish I didn't have to ride home.

Xenia Station, Choo Choo Two

Last weekend I did one more long ride to get "speed endurance" training for Mohican. I tried to hold an 85% effort to Xenia Station and back. I got to ride with teammate Scott for a bit. Old friend Teri the MTB/CX Goddess showed up and we rode for a bit, then I went on and on and on the Little Miami Scenic path forever and alone. Actually the iPod loaded with Mashups kept me company and I ended up riding a flat 122.6 miles in 7 hours. I drank only Infinit and took a couple gels, I was testing the race nutrition and it seems to work phenomenally, I felt way better than I usually do!

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