Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hill Battle of the Networked Blogs III

Everyone was flying tonight! The weather was nice, we were feeling great, and a psychological yolk has been lifted off of us before the "big dance" at Mohican.

Since last week I rested up, been stretching and massaging my sore muscles with the Stick and a Triggerpoint foam roller. And most of all, I've been trying to get more sleep and making sure I am on top of my caloric intake. I think I was training and working so much I forgot to track my calories and I fell into a deficit for days, which ran my batteries down!

Tonight I was a bit naughty and grabbed a leftover donut from a meeting and downed it before our ride. You can see where the energy spiked and then dropped off!

6:23 (Whoa, the explosive power of the donut!)
6:37 (Still feeling donut high)
7:06 (Hurts, donut?)
3:45 (flatted),
5:19 (from flat point)

3,510ish feet of climbing on a school night, sweeeet. Just when I thought I was badass I heard Marty Sanders rode 30x up Sycamore today, proving he is a monster. I think that's like 7,000 feet of a hill that is 3x the gradient. Chapeau!

New Best Time!:
6:23, avg 15.7 mph.

I can average over 16 mph on Kuglar, I wonder if I am slower on Devou because it's harder or if it is because the road is so rough... Well, maybe the top and bottom of Devou is harder.

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