Monday, May 16, 2011

Obey Trek!

I'm kind of over Trek, Lance, Shephard Fairey, Carbon Fiber, etc.

But as a multifaceted person (designer turned racer) I love that the worlds of art and sport are merging. Teams like Leopard-Trek and Sky (and Garmin and Rock Racing) have embraced design and marketing to cut through the clutter and appeal to a younger audience — which turns that audience onto their sponsors.

Trek is also doing a great job of using their success to come up with all sorts of cool design, from revolutionary industrial design and engineering to just sweet looking bikes. I liked Levi's Tour of Cali bike from a couple years ago, the bear of Cali was perfectly cropped into the headtube area. Plus did you see Lance's sick ass haute couture Tour de France bikes? Here is a link...

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