Sunday, May 15, 2011

Off to a late start training today, watching the Giro and sleeping in. Man, this is a fun race to watch! 2 climbs up an active volcano today.

I used to be a Bert "fan." I guess I used to feel bad for him that some guy (Lord Lance-a-Strong) came out of retirement, and started tweeting slams on Bert. Then you have all these American "cycling fans" calling Bert a jerk because he didn't "help" Lance win the Tour. Guilty or not, his climbing and attacks have always been "unbelievable." So I had mixed feelings today when Ole Spanish Beef went flying up the volcano. I was blown away that Stefano Garzelli blew up, he flicked an elbow and threw up in his mouth and started crying! I like that guy just because he's an aggressive rider, very classic looking, like he should be racing Merckx.

I heard Andy Hampsten is the current leader of the Tour of California. Him and Bob Roll came out of retirement and rode through 3 feet of snow in Tahoe. After the loss of Wouter Weylandt rider safety will be a huge concern, these guys have to turn themselves inside out for us — it would have been great to see these guys race in horrible conditions but I would hate to see someone get hurt. They should have shortened the stage to a cyclocross race around Lake Tahoe!

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